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The following are a few matchmaking testimonials. Power Singles International is represented worldwide.

"Victoria is my shining star and I am going to propose to her Dec 31. Wish me luck!"

"We are slowly falling in love. She is marvelous and well adapted to my lifestyle!" - Mike (UTAH)

"We have had several phone conversations and finally met half way in Houston. I see why you insisted on me meeting Michelle. She is a keeper! Thanks for the great introduction." - Frank (Colorado)

"Stephen is exciting and we are planning to see each other next weekend in the Big Apple . We are having a fantastic time together and have decided to be “exclusive”." - Caroline (Texas)

"We met at the Met, handsome guy, witty, take charge kind of guy. Next week we are going to the Hamptons. We decided to date exclusively. Thanks for your recommendation" - Kristen (NY)

"Elisabeth many thanks for your great insight and coaching. Your dedication and 7/24 availability is above the call of duty. Thanks for all of your help, Without your assistance, I would still be single." - Charles (Miami)

"Tatiana is an amazing girl . We’re flying to St Petersburg to meet her parents. We are getting married in August, thanks to you!" - Bill (Texas)

"I am elated and thankful for your introduction. Meeting next month in Venice and in anticipation to celebrate our love and the carnival!! Wedding date set for this summer, (expect an invitation), my parents are making the plan for us to be married in the Sonoma Valley." - Sonia(Milan)

"I’m so happy you convinced me to meet Donna. Elisabeth, your insights and wisdom are a gift!" - David (Orlando)

"We had a beautiful time, he is fabulous… We met for the holidays and have been inseparable since then… We are a mirror image of each other ! Never say never.., I’d wait forever to find this perfect man! . Thanks for your fabulous introduction. I will recommend you to all of my single friends." - Christine (Phoenix)

"Elisabeth, I knew you were good…but not this good! She’s a beauty, sophisticated, classy intelligent, yet feminine and playful. Lisa is my dream girl! Please cancel my membership, she is the one and only one!" - William (Chicago)

"We have been dating since our first introduction. She is very beautiful, intelligent, caring and genuine person. At times, I feel as if we’ve been together forever. Looking forward to spending more time with Kristie." - Daniel (Paris)

"Things are going fabulous. Love at first sight! Engagement set for Valentine (surprise)." - John (San Francisco)

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